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Medical billing

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Our Healthcare Services

Here at Tegella Bookkeeping and Medical Billiing our Specialty is Healthcare! Our Accountants all have a background in Healthcare and Medical Billing. Giving you the expertise that you need for your practice. Having a accountant that understands the claims process and having a Biller / Coder that understands the accounting process is beneficial to both ends in so many ways! 

Insurance Verification

The first step and one of the most crucial steps to a successful practice is Insurance Verification. Our team will verify eligibility and get the benefits for the anticipated services. 

Clean Claim Submission

We will work with you and your physicians to create a superbill that will best fit your practice and enable the most accurate claim submissions. 

Maximum Reinbursements

We also will help your practice learn what codes will in return offer you the highest reimbursement allowed. We will analyze your office procedures and help develop the best possible revenue streams for your specialty.

Payment Posting

As ERA / EFT’s are received to the billing system the deposits are verified and promptly allocated. Any denials or rejections are also worked immediately. 

Claims Follow Up

We will always follow through on all the claims we submit until the very end. There will never be claims left unpaid or un-worked. Our goal is to start with clean claims from the beginning to eliminate Aging from even occurring. 

Patient Account Billing

In the event that there is a outstanding patient balance we send the patient a statement with easy to follow directions to make a payment. Patients will also be able to call our office with billing questions they may have.

OUr success id driven by your success.

Our goal is to give you the most dependable and accurate medical billing possible. We have a 95% clean claims rate with our established practices. We are more than a billing company. We are financial advisors and planners! We look at the Practice as a whole the entire financial picture! We will work with you to get your practice running smoothly and profitably. We will work with you so you will know what procedures you will be reimbursed properly for and which ones you wont as well as the diagnosis that will support those procedures for medical necessity. 

future endeavors...

Since most of the billing specialists at Tegella have also a background in Finance or Accounting we are able to help you mke decsions for your practice. We can assist you with cash flow projections, Returns on Investments, Adding another physician to your practice, or determining if building your own office would best fit your needs or how long will it take to see a return on the investment. These are all reports that we can easily assist you in creating that a normal billing company would not even think about or know how to do! 

Time is money

We understand your time a physician is limited and time must be used wisely. We will always be available to you or your staff when needed. We are available by phone, text, email, virtual meetings, whichever best fits your practice.  

Location is everything

Location may be important when opening a medical practice but when it comes to accounting and billing location no longer truly makes a difference. With the new technology we are now able to work with practices all over the country as if we were sitting in your office. So just because your located in the fast paced New York City and we are in Sunny Florida that we will not have a healthy business relationship because you will never know the difference!

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