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Books Clean Up and Optimization

First Things FIrst.......

The first step to getting your company books in order is to do a very thorough review of your books to see where you are at and what exactly need to be done. At Tegella Bookkeeping we do this for free! 

Extensive Diagnostic Review

One of our Experienced Accountants will review your entire Quickbooks or other Accounting Application. We have a thorough 50 point checklist that we go through so that nothing is missed and Diagnose Exactly  what condition your books are in 

Diagnostic Meeting

Once we have reviewed your books we will be able to have a face to face meeting to discuss the results. At this meeting you will learn what needs to be done and what our recommendations are to get your books bulletproof. We also will be able to give you a more accurate quote for clean up services!


Once a quote is given the quote is good for 30 days! We will always honor the quoted price on clean up work even if once we get started we realize that there is alot more work to be done! You will never receive a bill from us for additional amount or unknown charges. We Never surprise our Clients! Ever!!

Let's Get Started

To accept our proposal simply follow the email instructions to return the signed agreement. While cleaning your accounts we will also optimize your books so that you will receive the most from your accounts. 

Completion Review

Your accounts are up to date and Optimized so that you are able to utilize them to assist you in making business decisions. We also want to help you in keeping them up to date! Talk with your Accountant about our monthly bookkeeping plans to avoid falling behind !! 

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