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Tegella Bookkeeping
& Medical Billing

Up In The Cloud Accounting & Billing 

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly Bookkeeping Packages to fit your accounting needs.

Clean Up and Tune Up

Need your books caught up or optimzed to reduce your taxes... Schedule a call today

Medical Billing & Coding

Complete Medical Billing Services to meet all your practice's needs.

Virtual Tax Prep

Virtual Tax Preparation and Tax Planning for business and Individual taxes

Fields of expertise


Experts in Healthcare Accounting and Billing. We offer an all in one financial solution for your practice. Give us a call today to see what we have to offer you!

Service Industry

We have years of bookkeeping experience with many different service based businesses, we have worked with small mom and pop family run companies to large well established corporations.

Cannabis & CBD

Get your accounting done right! We understand all the tax law and have followed the Cannabis Industry since the beginning. We also can help with your medical billing! Call us today!

Construction & Contractors

Do you know how much you should charge on each project or job to guarantee a profit or do you guess on your bid? We can help you to properly bid so that you can make the profit you want and are billing your clients for everything they should be billed for!!


Always know what your business looks like today! We update your books as we receive your daily information so that anytime you would like you can see your KPI’s including your prime cost. We also will work with you to understand what each amount or ratio means so you can make the best decision for your restaurant and grow!!

Real Estate / Property Management

Do you have rental properties? Do you correctly have each repair or expense allocated to the correct property? Are you recieving all of the deductions your eligible for? Are you making the profit that you had hoped for on your properties? We can help you call us today for a free consultation!!!

e- Commerce

Have a online business? E-commerce has its own unique way of doing bookkeeping! We are experts in doing this. Call us today to find out how!

Home Business /Self-Employed

Have you started your own business from home? Are you doing your books correctly? Are you confident enough that at tax time if your audited everything has been documented and filed correctly? The IRS is now auditing 75% of self employed Head of Household adults because of the high level of fraud! Let us get your books right so you have no worries!

Your Business Type not Mentioned Here.....

Just because your exact business type is not mentioned here does not mean we cannot help your business. We are extremely knowledgeable of all the accounting procedures which are universal across all business types! Give us a call to see what we can do for you!!! 

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